Delicious meat from France

Responsible and sustainable farming

Normandy enjoys all the riches of land and sea in its unique terroir by the English Channel, where salt and minerals from the sea blow inland, producing thick, lush grass. Our cattle graze outdoors on this first-class grass almost all year round, thanks to the mild and humid Normandy climate, which is the reason behind our amazing dairy and tasty meat.

About 20,900 small-scale Normandy farms each breed an average of 107 animals, mainly for milk production. After 5-7 years, when it is time for the cows to retire, our team visits the farms to select animals according our customers’ requirements.

Our grass-fed older cattle are particularly adapted for dry aging. After slaughtering, the carcasses undergo a second selection and are prepared to be dry aged. The beef is hung vertically in the first dry aging room for 2 weeks and is then transferred to a connecting room where it will be extra dry aged horizontally. Currently, we are dry aging our meat from 14 to 90 days, according to our customers’ requirements.

When it comes to traceability and animal welfare, France has some of the strictest regulations in the world. From sourcing on the farms, we follow every step at our slaughterhouse in Le Neubourg, from livestock transport, slaughtering, cutting, further selection, dry aging, cutting and packing. We guarantee full farm-to-fork traceability right up to the customer’s table.

The region of Normandy is known to produce the world’s finest milk. It  is used for the production of “appellation d’origine controlée” (AOC) cheeses such as Camembert, Livarot, Pont-l'Évèque and Neufchâtel, as well as butter and cream. This AOC certification requires that only milk of the best quality is used in production of Camembert and that it comes from Normand dairy cows born and bred in Normandy, under strict regulation.

Normand beef is renowned for its marbling quality, flavour and tenderness, and regularly wins blind taste tests. These facts, combined with the extra dry aging at our site in le Neubourg, makes our dry aged beef from la Reserve du Boucher some of the world’s finest and tastiest meat.

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